Does Your Web App Have Really Obvious Security Holes?

Find & fix the obvious security vulnerabilities in your app's HTTP security headers before hackers find them

Cyber Chief Is A Vulnerability Scanner For Cloud Apps

Your Engineers Will Use To Ship Your App With Zero Vulnerabilities, Every Release

On-Demand web application vulnerability testing

See How Hackers See Your Web App & Infrastructure

The best way to keep hackers out is to first understand the security vulnerabilities they see in your software and network infrastructure. Thankfully, not only can Cyber Chief show you the vulnerabilities that hackers will exploit, it will show your developers how those vulnerabilities should be fixed.

Help Your Developers Ship Your SaaS With Zero Security Vulnerabilities

You can help your development team build the in-house capability you need to ensure your SaaS application has zero security holes at every release. With Cyber Chief's on-demand vulnerability testing and best-practice, but easy-to-implement vulnerability fixes, your team will take control of securing your application.

On-Demand web application vulnerability scanning

Is it possible to find & fix security holes in your cloud application without a security team? Yes.

On-Demand web application vulnerability scanning

Shift left with application security so your new feature releases aren't slowed down

SaaS teams often put off application security activities because of a perception that it slows them down. Cyber Chief now helps you shift left with AppSec and turn it into smaller, more manageable chunks of work. This helps you ship new products & features as fast as ever, but with the extra advantage of added security.

Enterprise-grade vulnerability testing results you can use to sign bigger deals with enterprise customers

IBM Security has proven that application security is the second most important decision making factor for enterprise buyers. With Cyber Chief you can build trust faster with larger customers by proving that your SaaS is secure. More trust = shorter sales cycles & bigger deals.

On-Demand web application vulnerability scanning

Elevate Your SaaS's Security Resilience Without Hiring More People

Because your development team becomes security-self-sufficient after you add Cyber Chief to their arsenal, you gain the freedom to invest in other priority areas. It is a rare, but real, win-win situation for your team, your customers and your bottom line.

See how Cyber Chief will help you secure your cloud software & infrastructure, so that you can ship new releases with zero vulnerabilities. Every time.